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Chase Park

125 Shattuck Place

Chatham, Massachusetts


(1/4 mile from the intersection of Main and Cross Streets)


GPS coordinates:

Latitude:  41.676462

Longitude:  -69.958706

- or -

N 41o 40' 35.263"

W 69o 57' 31.341"


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Welcome to the Chatham Windmill

- Built by Col. Benjamin Godfrey in 1797 -

- Historically Restored in 2012 -


2019 Tour Schedule*

We are open for tours this summer.  Our guides are available to discuss the inner workings of this historic grist mill and to answer your questions.  



July and August 

the mill will

be open for tours







11 AM - 3 PM



Photo courtesy of Erin Anderson

*Tours may be cancelled due to rain or severe weather conditions. (This is done to protect this centuries-old mill from water damage.)


Once again this year

we will also set the Godfrey Windmill in operation during our 

Grinding Days at the Godfrey Grist Mill

the days are scheduled to occur during

Chatham's History Weekend (June 21 - 23) 

and during the

Festival of the Arts (August 16 - 18)

(and perhaps on some other dates, as weather conditions permit)

More detailed information will be posted as it becomes available.


Admission is free - Donations to support the mill are always welcome! 

Remembering Our Miller,

Bill Atwater


We deeply miss Bill Atwater, who passed away this winter.  We waited until June 22nd to honor him, after the sails had been put back on the mill, so that we could celebrate Bill's life in the traditional way by setting the mill's arms in the mourning position.


While we were taking pictures of the memorial ceremony, the sails took off on their own, ran lively for two or three minutes, then came to a complete stop, in the exact same position where we started.  Perhaps Bill was making his presence known?



As part of our remembrance of miller Bill Atwater, the arms of the mill were set in the traditional mourning position.  The lower or ‘departing’ sail-arm is stopped just after it leaves its lowest point.  When the mill's arms are in this position, it can indicate sadness and mourning but it is also a sign of respect for a person of significance who has passed away.  

Special Hours: Group occasions (weddings, parties, private tours, etc.) may be arranged

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