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Welcome to the Chatham Windmill

- Built by Col. Benjamin Godfrey in 1797 -

- Historically Restored in 2012 -


History Weekend Tour

and Grinding Day



We will be open for tours during

History Weekend


Saturday, June 22

10 AM - 3 PM 


when, weather permitting, the sails

will be put up and the windmill

will be grinding corn.*




Colonel Benjamin Godfrey

will be at the windmill on

Saturday, distributing his

home-made corn bread!

*We are scheduled to grind corn on Saturday, June 22!  The weather forecast calls is for good conditions for the mill to be able to operate this Saturday, but If wind conditions change and become unfavorable that day, the grinding operations may be scheduled for another day during History Weekend and tours will also be conducted during that Grinding Day.  Regardless of the wind conditions, the windmill will be open and we will be giving tours tours on Saturday, June 22.  Additional information regarding Grinding Day will be posted here and on our Facebook page as information becomes available.


Admission is free, donations to support the mill are always welcome!

2019 Tour Schedule*

We are open for tours this summer.  Our guides are available to discuss the inner workings of this historic grist mill and to answer your questions.  



July and August 

the mill will

be open for tours







11 AM - 3 PM



Photo courtesy of Erin Anderson

*Tours may be cancelled due to rain or severe weather conditions. (This is done to protect this centuries-old mill from water damage.)


Once again this year

we will also set the Godfrey Windmill in operation during our 

Grinding Days at the Godfrey Grist Mill

the days are scheduled to occur during

Chatham's History Weekend (June 21 - 23) 

and during the

Festival of the Arts (August 16 - 18)

(and perhaps on some other dates, as weather conditions permit)

More detailed information will be posted as it becomes available.


Admission is free - Donations to support the mill are always welcome! 


This image, incorporating drawings by John Brandrick, shows the inner workings of the Godfrey Windmill.  This intricate system of shafts and gears converts wind power into the mechanical energy needed to turn the upper millstone so that whole-kernel corn can be processed into corn meal. (Click on the image for a larger view)

Special Hours: Group occasions (weddings, parties, private tours, etc.) may be arranged

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